Warden Base, Coopers Field, Bramshott


In September 2014 it is hoped that the new office building will be completed and ready to move in......... see how far we've come......

From Jim Avenell, Area Warden, Commons Link Spring 2012 Issue 13

We have now completed Phase 1 of the project, with the workshop and hard base for the office finished. The office structure will be built on the base this year. In the interim we will be working out of a temporary portacabin, which we have recycled from another NT property. See below a photo of the arrival of the portacabin.
Before we can move in we will be busy addressing some maintenance and repairs issues to the portacabin and then furnishing it to create an office to work from.

One major element delaying the move is the electricity supply. The wayleaves that we require have taken a long time in obtaining but we hope that by the end of April 2012 we will have power.

Around the site there is a need to construct some hard standing areas for our tractors and vehicles to move around with ease. The ground conditions are such that the area  would very quickly become muddy and rutted without this.

Before the winter is out we need go to The Vyne (National Trust) at Basingstoke to fell Douglas Fir trees. These will be used as the main structure for the office. The timber will be extracted and transported to the new base at Bramshott and then machined to size ready for fitting.

In March 2012 after completing some fencing we intend to plant 350 native hedging plants around the site. These in time will mature and have a wildlife value due to the diversity of the species chosen for this project.


 2011  From this, the original barn .....                                                 .... to this, the workshop  2012

Temporary accomodation - the portacabin arriving

This is the hedgerow along the road side. These large hazel stools were moved back to improve the sight lines and volunteers interplanted with young saplings from native species.

March 2013​
The Wardens have now completely moved onto the new site at Coopers Field and operate from there. It is hoped that the eco-friendly office and welfare facilities will begin to be built this summer. In the meantime they have settled into the portacabin wondering how, previously, they managed without the space for storage, and a kitchen area and toilet which reached H&S requirements.


July 2013

At the informal Friends Open Afternoon on the 3rd, the Wardens and Committee welcomed many friends to view the site, get an update on the progress of building the new office and to enjoy tea and cakes!

 Friends Open Afternoon