About Sir Robert Hunter and his links with Ludshott Common and Waggoners Wells

Autumn colours at Waggoners Wells

Sir Robert Hunter

The National Trust is now over 100 years old and last year the
centenary of the death of founder member,Octavia Hill, was
commemorated. This year 2013 the Trust are marking the centenary of the death of another of their founder members - Sir Robert Hunter, and there will many events across the country to celebrate his life and works.

​From 1883 he lived locally in Haslemere, and as chairman of the Hindhead Commons Management Committee and the Ludshott Preservation Society, was directly responsible for the acquisition and preservation of many of our local Commons including our own Ludshott Common, thus saving them from development. In 1919, the lakes at Waggoners Wells were purchased by his friends and neighbours and dedicated to the public in his memory.

At Ludshott we were very pleased to be able to mark this centenary with the help of our local author and historian, J.O. Smith, who produced a dramatised walk around Waggoners Wells on Sunday afternoon 26th May.

During this year the inscription on the Sir Robert Hunter Memorial Stone (at Waggoners Wells) will be restored as it has deteriorated.

Advice is being sort on the restoration agents which can be used and which would not cause any further damage.

Also under consideration is the route of a permanently way-marked walk around Waggoners Wells - the Hunter Walk - which will eventually be available as a 


Hunter Memorial Stone​