About us

This part of Hampshire is part of the restructured National Trust London and South East Region.  

Within this our local properties fall into the newly formed Hinton Ampner and Uppark portfolio group under a

General Manager, Gordon Gardner, to whom our wardens report.

Our Wardens

'Out there and doing it'

Wardens of Ludshott Common and Waggoners Wells

From the left:

Mandy Phyfferoen, Countryside Warden 

Chris Webb, Head Warden 

Simon Chaffe, Countryside Warden

Jim Avenell, Area Warden

Our Team have the conservation management of all the National Trust open space properties in East Hampshire.

In the local area our Wardens look after Ludshott Common, Waggoners Wells, the adjacent areas of Gentles Copse, Mt Alvernia Woods and Bramshott Chase (which is a small portion of Bramshott Common, the bulk of which is owned by the MoD), together with Passfield Common and Conford Moor.  

Nearby they also have responsibility for the NT properties in Selborne, and further afield at Speltham Down, Hambledon, Hants.

​The Committee

'At Work'

Ludshott Commons Committee

From the left:

Sylvia, Susan, Steve, Colin, Helen and Janet


We are a team of volunteers called the Ludshott Commons Committee 

(full name the Ludshott Commons Local Advisory Committee of the National Trust).  

We support the wardens with local knowledge, organising events, fund raising, on work parties, and by raising awareness of the wardens conservation management work by administering the 'Friends'.

From its inception in 1908, when Ludshott Common was acquired by the Trust, until 1992, the Committee was responsible for the management of the Commons and they employed a warden. After the National Trust re-organised its management structure, these decisions are now made by the Wardens and other NT staff in consultation with the Committee. This change has been very beneficial for the Commons in that a team of Wardens can now be employed, rather than just Chris, to have responsibility for the conservation work. 


Ludshott Common