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Here on

Ludshott and Passfield Commons

you can enjoy timeless landscapes,

lovely views and rare wildlife.

This habitat used to spread over much of southern England but is now only found in isolated pockets.


Grazing - is this the way forward for Ludshott Common?

Commoner's cattle grazing on

Bramshott Chase

Commoner's Highland cow grazing on Passfield Common

Devon Red cattle on

Selborne Common

(also part of the Wardens responsibility)

A proposed, traditional, sustainable management process

The National Trust is a conservation charity and needs your support to protect special landscapes and habitats like
Ludshott Common and Passfield Common..​
(Reg. Charity No. 205846)

The Committee helps the Wardens with advice, local knowledge, and support in practical nature conservation, as well as fund-raising and organising the supporters group the Friends of Ludshott and Passfield Commons. National Trust link.

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